Worry Dolls

Who remembers Worry People? Inspired by the original Guatemalan Worry People, the story goes that when the Mayan people of Guatemala have worries, they tell them to their Worry Dolls & then put them under their pillow at night. By morning the Worry Dolls have taken all their worries away… These little fellas have been threaded onto silk cord with tiny Pieces of Wight stamped with ‘worry’ ‘not’.. We think they make adorable christening gifts or a little unisex good luck charm for those who worry too much. They can also threaded onto a silver chain.. Just being added to the shop.. Drop us a line for more info, details ☝🏻or pop in the shop to see them… . .


The originals…






Price guide -£ per doll (for more information about our price guide, visit How to do Bespoke)

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