Teal Rosie Neckpiece


One of our classic Honeybourne designs, our Rosie neckpiece in vibrant Teal enamel.

We use ‘fine silver’ for our Rosie neckpieces. Fine silver has a naturally malleable quality which is perfect for moulding around the unique contours of your neck and collarbones. This neckpiece is designed to sit high up on the collar bones, we make them to a length of 18 inches plus a 1 and a 1/2 inch extension (please get in touch if you need a longer length). When wearing for the first time, it needs a little shaping, so please follow the instructions below:

-Hold the necklace out in front of you as if you were about to put it on, ensuring that all of the coloured ’enamel Pods’ are facing away from you and that there are no twists or kinks.

-Put the necklace on and fasten the catch.

-Gently press the wires and Pods onto and around the back and front of the neck.

-We find that keeping the necklace hung up will help it to keep it’s shape. Avoid pressing back into it’s box as this may kink the wires.

-If in time, the wires become a little out of shape, simply hold it at either end & gently pull in the opposite direction.

Enamels can contain slight naturally occurring inclusions.

Please allow up to 10-14 working days for creation and completion.

1 in stock | Created & completed within 10-14 working days (if needed sooner please call us on 01983 854618)