Our Island Bangles


“She thinks of nothing but the Isle of Wight and she calls it the island as if there’s no other…” We love this quote by Jane Austen, stamped onto beautiful chunky silver torc bangles featuring our new handmade Island stamp (not suitable for pieces of eight 🙈)

The first that we designed were made from chunky, weighted silver (approx 32g) & their prices reflected this, as like everything, the price of silver has rocketed of late.. Some of you had asked for a slimmer version, still keeping that lovely chunky weight.. Eh voila! Pictured here alongside the original for scale, their prices are lower as they weigh (a still chunky for their width!) 22g…

*Bangle size: Lady’s Average (industry medium size)

For care instructions, please visit ‘Jewellery Care’.


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