Moriarty’s Apple Earrings


In collaboration with fan site Sherlockology, we have designed a range of bespoke pendants, pins, earrings and cufflinks, inspired by iconic scenes within the smash hit BBC television series SHERLOCK.

Our ‘Moriarty’s Apple’ earrings are inspired by the iconic scene where criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty carves the “I O U” motif into an apple and leaves it at Baker Street. Solid sterling silver, oxidised to emphasise their gothic style, silver ear-wires and butterfly clips are provided. For care instructions please visit Jewellery Care . 

Measures approximately (W x L)

18mm x 34mm from ear to base.

Weighs approximately 5g (per single earring)

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Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 18 × 34 mm