Lab Grown Diamonds & Gold

We love offering an alternative to a traditional mined diamond. As our London based suppliers say ‘Lab grown diamonds are optically, chemically, thermally and physically identical to mined diamonds but created above ground in a lab. Eco friendly, conflict free and a third of the price of a mined diamond’ & as Sophie can contest as she has two of them set in a Twist style ring, they are gorgeous!🤩

Seen here are our two signature engagement rings, Gold Pod & Classic Solitaire each setting a half a carat lab diamond (5mm) in white & yellow 9ct gold & oh how they sparkle ✨

Price guide 

Solitaire – ££££

Pod Ring – £££££

(for more information about our price guide, visit How to do Bespoke)

To discuss a bespoke piece that you may have in mind, email or call the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm 01983 854618