Key, Arrow & Feather Pendants

Our Key, Arrow and Feather pendants are hugely popular. The little Key design came first and was made for my ‘Loved Ones’ exhibition. Inspired by my childhood obsession with Alice in Wonderland, I made an installation of hundreds of them pinned by thin wires attached to an antique gilt frame. Our Arrows came next and were inspired by my son Rex (they tend represent boys if worn in a group). The Feathers were inspired by ‘travel’ gifts, usually given to people about to embark on a journey. Here are some of our favourite examples.

HJ_BESPOKE_9ct Gold with Anniversary Emerald

Solid 9ct gold set with Emerald.

HJ_BESPOKE_Solid 9ct Gold Arrows and Keys

Solid 9ct gold Keys and Arrows.


Group of Keys cast in silver.

HJ_BESPOKE_Large and Little Key Pend

Handmade large Key hung with little cast Key.

HJ_BESPOKE_Feather Pins and Pendants

Oxidised handmade Feathers.