Diamond & Aquamarine Band

This piece was a challenge as the customer had broken her finger a couple of years ago. The break had left the knuckles permanently swollen making conventional round rings unwearable.  After a few meetings, I made a couple of ‘open’ rings for her to try, the natural spring allowing a little ‘give’ over the knuckle which allows a comfortable closer fit once it had gone over. After three attempts, the final piece was agreed and the stones and granulation beads were added. Success, she loved it!!. Here’s the review that she left us..

“Sophie was so amazing and patient to help me to get to the perfect ring that i picked up today. Having broken my finger 2 years ago i wanted to re-fit some stones into a new ring that would fit over my now permanently swollen knuckle. Sophie was brilliant and full of so much insight and information to ensure that i got the best style to fit my finger. And of course her design was fantastic – I put the ring on and immediately felt it was “home”. Thank you so much. cxx”


The old jewellery.


Ready to set.



The finished piece, pictured alongside some of the left over gold.


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