Cuckoo Clock Charm

I loved working on this piece made for my micro collection entitle ‘Home’. The piece was inspired by our boutique’s very own cuckoo clock and was constructed by hand using a mix of box building, overlay and impression techniques. They’ll soon be available to buy from our on-line shop, watch this space for details…


The initial sketched idea.


HJ_BESPOKE_Cuckoo Pendants 3

To get the wooden effect on the walls, I placed old saw blades onto the surface and rolled the sheet through the mill to imprint the texture.

HJ_BESPOKE_Cuckoo Pendants 2

The Clock was constructed like a box, adding detail as I went.

HJ_BESPOKE_Cuckoo Pendants 5

The finished piece off to the casters.


HJ_BESPOKE_cuckoo-clock-book 1