A bowl of custard

To represent one of her favourite memories of her Dad, fighting over the last bit of custard! A solid silver cluster pendant, setting a citrine onto one of the spoons to represent the custard behind which holds his ashes..her Dad’s handwriting hand engraved by Pete Harris on the back of the bowl…this is her beautiful response

“When we lost Dad I knew that I wanted to get some memorial jewellery, that was very personal, made for mum and I. I’ve followed
@honeybournejewellery ever since they made custom pieces for the ‘Sherlock’ TV show and love the delicate silver work they produce. So I got in touch and discussed with Sophie and Emily what we’d like. And now they’re here. And I’ve cried a lot of sad/happy tears since we got them. Mum’s is a sudoko board (as Dad always had one on the go) with numbers representing all the family’s birthdays and Dad’s ashes set behind an amber stone (as he’d bought mum amber jewellery a few years back) (see hers here)
Mine is a bowl and two spoons to represent the comic battle for the last of the custard that Dad and I had whenever we were together for Sunday dinner.
Dad’s ashes are behind a citrine stone to represent the custard. And Dad’s signature is engraved on the back. Mum and I absolutely love them. They are beautiful, skilfully crafted and made with real love and care, just as much as they represent all the love we had for Dad. Miss him every day. Thank you”

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