Sophie Honeybourne started her jewellery business one month after graduating from London’s prestigious Royal College of Art with a Masters in 2003. Prior to that, at the age of 18 she began an apprenticeship with the Isle of Wight’s leading contemporary silversmith, Chris Morphy, which quickly turned into full employment. Sophie continued to work under Chris for 7 years where she learned the essential traditional skills of jewellery making and silversmithing, alongside her BA and MA studies.

Sophie’s obsession with trinkets started from an early age; ‘for as far back as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with treasure, more specifically, very shiny, very beautiful treasure. I had a very magpie-like nature and felt compelled to observe, collect and explore small objects and would take them apart to see their inner workings. I have vivid memories of waking up from pirate-esque dreams, my small fists still clenched tightly shut from holding all of the shining coins, jewel encrusted crowns and bright rainbow coloured gemstones which I’d discovered buried deep within wooden chests, only to feel so much disappointment when I awoke to find them empty”

Sophie’s classic enamel range is inspired by change and repetition found within nature, drawing from the surrounding beautiful deserted beaches and un-spoilt woodland. She works mainly in silver adding sumptuous seasonal colours from a palette of around 50 kiln fired Vitreous enamels. Sophie’s ‘Charm’ pieces tell little stories in metal: ‘The challenge of making 3 dimensional, wearable objects from metal fascinates me. My pieces tell stories, they translate my surroundings into miniature forms. I like to add a dark, Brothers Grimm, accent to my work.’