We are a team of three full time makers trained in-house by head jeweller Sophie Honeybourne. Like Worzel Gummidge, we often switch heads to run our busy little business but mainly you’ll find Raff serving in the shop in-between making from his workbench located at the back of the shop, Emily who will mostly answer bespoke email, phone & web queries in-between making & Sophie who full time designs & makes from our main workshop. Due to the busy nature of our shop & business, Sophie now mostly meets clients on an appointment basis.  On Saturday, you’ll find either our lovely & super helpful Leela or Coral manning the shop, both of whom are trained to give advice or take your commissions.


Although the three of us often collaborate on lots of our jewellery (sometimes all three of us have a hand in creating any one single piece of jewellery) we also have our specialities which we’ve listed below. 

Team Honeybourne Jewellery

Sophie makes…

  • All rings (including wedding & engagement rings)
  • High end & stone set pieces
  • All gold jewellery
  • Inherited stones & old gold (up cycling)
  • More intricate bangles
  • Mens Jewellery (including rings & cufflinks)
  • Remembrance pieces (ashes etc)

Raff makes…

  • All enamelled jewellery, including earrings, neckpieces & pendants
  • Enamelled charms
  • Personalised pieces, including Pieces of Eight charms
  • Personalised bookmarks & key-rings 
  • Standard bangles
  • Shop manager

Emily makes…

  • Bespoke charms & pendants (more intricate)
  • Children’s drawing pieces (charms, key-rings & pictures)
  • Silver pictures 
  • Admin (including email & phone enquiries, website orders & website management)
  • Social media manager 
  • Shop photographer

Meet Leela

  • Saturday Shop Assistant & avid Honeybourne Jewellery wearer

Meet Coral

Saturday Shop Assistant

Meet Syd

  • Chief snoozer
  • Occasional workshop barker
  • Full time food thief