A 20 Year Celebration of Honeybourne Jewellery


Honeybourne Jewellery, a renowned independent business known for its bespoke work, excellent craftsmanship, and off-the-shelf handmade jewellery, is delighted to celebrate its 20th anniversary in July of this year. Established in 2003, the brand has flourished under the creative vision of Sophie Honeybourne, a graduate of London’s prestigious Royal College of Art.

To mark this significant milestone, amongst other pieces, Sophie has been meticulously crafting a collection of exquisite automated sculptures made from sterling silver and slate. These exclusive pieces will be unveiled at an intimate pop-up exhibition held at the Honeybourne Jewellery shop from the Friday 21st – Saturday 29th July, coinciding with this years Ventnor Fringe Festival.

‘Marbled White’


Sophie’s inspiration for this collection stems from her interest in natural form, with a particular focus on butterflies and meadow grasses, symbolising metamorphosis, flight and seed allochory, which for Sophie encapsulates the feelings of creating,  growing and nurturing the business. 

These intimate pieces not only showcase Sophie’s craftsmanship and artistry of which she is well known but also incorporates her love of movement. When the handles are turned, the pieces gently come to life via a hidden mechanism, a technique of which Sophie first explored during her time at the Royal College. She expresses her excitement, saying, “a brief was set by our course professor David Watkins, we had to interpret  a classical piece of music written about ‘A Midnights Summers Dream’ I took inspiration from the swaying of the meadow grasses left in the fairies wake. I have always wanted the chance to re visit them; it seemed like the perfect time.”

Honeybourne Jewellery est in 2003


The Honeybourne Jewellery team, comprises of Sophie’s husband and business partner Raff Raphael and fine art graduate Emily Buckingham. The team work collaboratively under Sophie’s guidance to ensure each piece reflects Honeybourne Jewellery’s commitment to craftsmanship. Over the past two decades, the business has also built an exceptional reputation for its bespoke creations and has cultivated an important relationship with its valued customers of which there are many 100’s country and world wide.

Sophie and husband Raff


The pop-up exhibition at Honeybourne Jewellery’s shop during the Ventnor Fringe Festival presents a unique opportunity for silverware enthusiasts, art, sculpture & jewellery lovers to see a micro perspective of Sophie’s creative journey alongside their signature in-store collections . 

Honeybourne Jewellery’s 20th anniversary celebration signifies two decades of dedicated craftsmanship, artistic vision and a commitment to creating beautiful and contemporary pieces.

‘Marbled White’ in the making


Join us for ‘Flight’ from Friday 21st – Saturday 29th July 

Honeybourne Jewellery, 3 Church St, Ventnor, PO381SW

For more info, check out our socials or visit honeybournejewellery.com where you’ll find our online store & comprehensive bespoke archive or contact Emily at info@honeybournejewellery.com